Friday, March 25, 2016

David Brooks Calls For A New Vision For Conservatism And The Republican Party

The most widely read conservative op-ed columnist for the NYT describes what we have learned from Trump's success.  The Reagan vision, that has dominated conservative thought since 1980, no longer works for many people.  It is also inappropriate in a more globalized world.  Brooks compares the current state of conservatism to what happens in science when the existing paradigm fails.  It will hang on until a new paradigm emerges to take its place.  Conservatism is not there yet but the old paradigm which assumes that man is a rational utility driven being, that wears an Adam Smith necktie, is out of date.  Homo Economicus is a myth.

These are strong words coming from one of conservatism's leading advocates.  He put a dagger into the heart of the Republican Party in the process.  He believes that the Party will continue to exist but it is in desperate need of a new paradigm to replace the outdated paradigm.

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