Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Best Reason Why The GOP Should Not Vote For Trump

Catherine Rampell describes the belated campaign slogans being used to discredit Donald Trump.  They cover the waterfront.  Its hard to imagine any candidate surviving the frontal assault on every aspect of Trumphood.  Trump will only weather this attack if he has the strongest coat of Teflon protecting him than any candidate in history.  In fact, the GOP attack on Trump is so forceful that it raises an interesting question that GOP leaders have not considered.  If Trump survives the nomination process and runs against Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders),  the GOP would be forced to explain why Trump would be a better President than either Democrat.  All of the GOP candidates running against Trump have vowed to support him if he wins the GOP nomination.  Do they really believe that the monster that they have described would be better for our country than any Democrat?  Nobody would vote for that monster.  Voters should also be wary of the Party that spawned the monster that bears a strong resemblance to several of the remaining candidates.

I have frequently been critical of the US media because they are often guilty of false equivalency.  That is, they often pretend that there are two sides to every story.  For example, if 99% of climate scientists claim that human activity is responsible for global warming the media feel obliged to provide equal time to the 1% who disagree.  If a large number of billionaires fund the Republican Party's campaigns they are obliged to tell us that George Soros donates money to liberal causes etc. etc. etc.  That is a valid criticism of the media but we should not ignore the fact that we get better information from the media than the great majority of citizens in the rest of the world.  Cathrine Rampell is published by the Washington Post along with George Will, Robert Samuelson and others that shape their reporting to their ideologies.  There have been few examples of false equivalency in the media about Donald Trump.  The public has all of the information that it needs to evaluate his candidacy. 

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