Tuesday, March 8, 2016

David Brooks Explains Why This Election Is Important For His Favorite Party

David Brooks is arguably the Republican Party's most respected spokesperson.  He has described himself as the liberals favorite conservative.  There aren't many liberals who listen to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative cranks that populate the popular media.  David Brooks has a presence on PBS and a platform on the NY Times for a reason.  He is not interested in making a fortune by telling preposterous stories to folks who do not watch public television or read the NY Times.  In this article he describes a problem that goes beyond the 2016 election.  He wants to save the Republican Party.

Like most Republicans, Brooks is concerned about the rise of Donald Trump.  He cites some evidence which raises his hopes for a decline in voter support for The Donald.  Marco Rubio has been the last remaining hope for the Party establishment and for David Brooks.  Unfortunately, the strongest remaining contender for the nomination is Ted Cruz.  Brooks and most of the GOP establishment do not like Ted Cruz.  He is an ideological purist who has fueled the obstructionist wing of the Republican House.  They will not compromise on any issue that is not ideologically pure;  they criticize their leaders when they try to craft compromises which are an inherent component of a political system with more than one political party.  If Cruz is the only alternative to Trump, Brooks explains why it is more important to the Party to put its house in order than it is to win the 2016 election by any means.  He believes that there are potential Republican leaders in government that can help to return the Party to its traditional roots.  The House Majority leader Paul Ryan is chief among them.  He has his hands full dealing with Cruz's ideological purists in the House. 

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