Thursday, March 3, 2016

Washington Post Editorial On Romney's Attack On Trump

Good summary of Romney's critique.  He called Trump a con man and a liar who cannot be trusted.  However, Trump won the majority of votes in most of the primaries.  The implication is that the GOP base is either stupid or easily fooled by a con artist.  That will not go down well with most of the base.  Moreover, they set themselves up for a guy like Trump and they got a lot of help from the conservative media which supports their biases.  They can't win elections without the segment of their base which voted for Trump.  The GOP base also supported Trump because none of his contenders were worth voting for either.  Cruz tried to sell himself as an evangelical by using clergy on his behalf.  Rubio tried to turn himself into a stronger conservative to win their votes.  They did not buy Rubio either.  The primaries have been more of a soap opera than a display of talent.

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