Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tom Friedman Argues That Only Trump Can Stop Trump

Tom Friedman gives Trump credit for his leadership skill.  His supporters have not responded to the details of his proposals.  They have responded to his gut.  He came to understand the GOP base when he traveled around the country claiming that Obama was not an American.  He fed their concerns right back to them on the campaign trail.  The basic difference between Trump and the others was the force of his personality and the feelings  that he put behind ideas that are similar to those of the other candidates.  Friedman describes the three aces that Trump has up his sleeve but he also offers two jokers that could defeat him.  We will have to see how Trump plays his hand.  Friedman believes that he can't be stopped by the leadership of the Republican Party.

Friedman also blames the GOP for the Trump problem.  They are the Dr. Frankenstein to the Trump monster.  He sums up the GOP's failures in a nutshell.  They are getting what they deserve.  Well worth reading.

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