Saturday, January 21, 2017

Larry Summers Is Critical Of Business Elite At Davos

The global elite that party together annually at Davos are often the target of criticism by populists who are not happy with globalization.  Larry Summers has made his annual visit to Davos and he reports that the global elite deserve criticism for ignoring the populist movement that has swept Europe and has found a home in the US under The Donald.  He quotes Edmund Burke, who is widely admired in conservative circles, to make his point. 
"the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

          Summers is not taking issues on Trump's economic policies.  He is concerned that the business           leaders at Davos are indifferent to the political transformation that is underway.  They should 
          be in the vanguard to moderate the political tide.  Instead they seem to be accommodating to it.
          Apparently, Trump's promise to cut corporate taxes and business regulation is the good news.  
          They don't really believe that Trump will take any steps that limit their global opportunities. 
          They expect that Trump will give his base meaningless tidbits like his action with Currier that
          get tweeted to his fans in the Rust Belt but he is really on their side.  After all, he is part of their
          business class.

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