Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's Erratic First Week In Office Was All About Him

Trump put his temperament and erratic behavior on full display in first week as president.   This article provides a handy list of them which is useful because there were so many of them.  He may have set a record in one week that few president have ever achieved.  It has not escaped my attention that few of them were about policy issues or ideology.  They illustrated instead that he does not have the ability to behave like we expect a president to behave.  On the other hand, the post below shows that he gave his base exactly what they want.  He showed that he is man of action, and not a typical politician who, like Hamlet, may be overcome by thought.  He may act like a five year old child but that distracts us from focusing of the terrible policies that he is pushing on a divided nation.

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