Sunday, January 29, 2017

We Elected A President Who Flaunts The Rule of Law But Republican Leaders Don't Care

Donald Trump's order to prevent people from certain states from entering the US has been widely criticized and a judge ordered a stay of the order under certain conditions.  Many Republicans were critical of The Donald's order and the resulting chaos it has created.  Trump fed his core base a bone which they can nibble on, while they cringe in fear, but Paul Ryan who is the Speaker of the House defended his order and Mitch McConnell who leads the Republican Senate was silent.  The Donald has become the sole leader of the Republican Party by pitting his base against GOP leaders who fail to salute The Donald's actions.  Trump also nominated McConnell's wife to cabinet position to insure support from the Republican Senate.  She is well qualified for the job but that is no why she was appointed.  She is part of Trump's insurance policy.

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