Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Wishes US Press Liked Him As Much As Russian Press

Trump's election, and his great transition, is praised in the Russian press.  Trump's "American First" plan is good news for the Kremlin.  They don't want America to team up with other nations to oppose their interests.  That is understandable.  They also seem to like the fact that Trump never used the word "democracy" in any of his statements or tweets.  Apparently, an American autocracy would end American efforts to impose democracy on autocratic nations.  Even better, autocratic nations in NATO, teamed with Trump, would be terrific.  Trump is doing his part, by delegitimatizing the major news sources that are critical of him, and by claiming that 5 million votes were cast illegally in the election.  That's a good step in Trump's direction toward autocratic rule.  We can't believe the press and we can't believe election results.  With Steve Bannon directing Trump's alignment with the far right in Europe, and his communication strategy, Trump may succeed in establishing autocratic rule.  The only real limit in his efforts is the Republican Party.  It is conflicted about Trump.  They like a Republican in the White House but some Republicans worry that their Party will become the Trump Party.  Republicans who do not support Trump 100% will have to face the fury of Trump's core constituents who are under his control.

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