Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Is Developing An Alternative TV Station For HIs Alternative Facts

This article describes The Donald as an aspiring TV star who happens to be president.  He uses Twitter to feed his core base of supporters and his tweets are picked up by the mass media.  He regards many of the mass media outlets as his opposition because they fact check his tweets and report his lies. He enjoys the celebrity from being constantly in the news but he can't stand criticism.
His base doesn't care about whether he is lying or not.  He gives them the feeling that he is a man of action.  That is important because he has cast himself as a superhero.  He has also used fake news sources (which includes Fox News) to counter the fact checking.  Apparently, that has not been adequate for The Donald.  He is going to produce his own TV news in the White House.  That will make it difficult for journalists to cover the White House as they have in the past through press briefings which inform them about the president and his response to world events.  The press briefings are being modified to make them less open and we will be getting The Donald and his chosen surrogates in our living rooms.  We can watch The Donald fire his enemies without having to put up with advertising. There is a reason why The Donald is so good at spreading lies and getting away with it.  His business career is full of similar examples.

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