Monday, January 30, 2017

Rudy Giuliani Influenced Trump's Muslim Ban

Trump asked Giuliani to provide the legal basis for his ban on Muslim entry into the US.  Giuliani, who many believe to be behind the FBI Director's decision to announce the reopening of the Clinton email probe, came up with a solution.  It is against the Constitution to discriminate against religion so the ban was portrayed as a ban against entry by seven nations.  This provides cover against the ban against Muslim entry on religious grounds.  That is the defense that The Donald is making following the uproar against his executive order.  A major problem with that defense is the Christians from the banned nations are not covered by the ban.  If any Christians take advantage of that exclusion it will raise serious legal questions for Trump.  The Donald took an oath to defend the Constitution when he was inaugurated.  He is obviously more interested in providing a bone to his base than he is about defending the Constitution which he was sworn to protect.

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