Friday, January 20, 2017

The Inauguration Of Captain Chaos

David Brooks, the ultimate conservative Republican, has been struggling with the nomination and the election of Donald Trump for some time.  The political party to which he has been aligned for his entire career turned over its command to a man who was the right kind of person for many disaffected citizens, but not the kind of person we need to run a very complex government in a very difficult world.  He describes the misfit between Trump the person and the demands of the presidency on the day of his inauguration.  He points to some of the efforts by Trump's associates and some in Congress to contain the chaos that could be unleashed if Captain Chaos is not contained.  He disagrees with Trump critics on the left who are concerned about fascism and argues that Trump provides us with an opportunity to come together in order to contain a president who is totally unprepared by personality,  temperament and ability to operate the system that he will lead.

I hope that Brooks is correct and that Democrat and Republican leaders will be able to contain Captain Chaos.  I have not been reassured by the choices he has made for his cabinet and other key government positions.  Some of them disagree with Trump on critical policy issues and many of them seem to have been selected to dismantle the department that they have been chosen to lead. Nothing but chaos can result from this situation.  We will need to be very lucky in the next four years.

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