Monday, January 9, 2017

Meryl Streep's Speech And The Donald's Response

Meryl Streep accepted an award and gave a speech which was critical of the culture that is inspired by Donald Trump.  Her short speech was a tribute actors who put themselves in the place of others so that they can reveal something, perhaps hidden, about human nature.  It was also about a person whose name was not mentioned but who represents aspects of our society that she despises.  It did not take long for her target to respond with tweets that were critical of Streep.  He told his faithful to dismiss her remarks because she is a liberal from Hollywood who supported Hillary Clinton.  That will probably work for most of his base but he could not resist the opportunity to brag about his coming inauguration party.  It will be loaded with celebrities, and all of the expensive dresses in Washington have been sold out because so many want to participate in his celebration which, of course, will be the greatest inauguration in history.  There is a link to Trump's Twitter storm for those who live by his tweets. 

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