Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Mistake Of Not Taking Trump Literally

Republicans, and conservatives like the Koch brothers,  did not take Trump's promises on the campaign trail literally.  They believed that he would not act on his campaign promises if he were elected.  This article describes the many ways in which Trump has proved them wrong.  Trump's power comes from his hold on the populist base which he has carefully cultivated since he entered the Republican primaries.  Most of what he has done since assuming office is to strengthen his position with his base.  The election campaign is over but Trump is still campaigning.  The hold that he has on his base is a powerful weapon that he will use against Republicans who want him to behave like a typical president.  Trump is not a typical president.  He is accustomed to operating his businesses without a board of directors to hold him accountable.  He is in the process of increasing the power and authority of Steven Bannon and others in his inner circle while reducing the power of elected officials and government agencies.  Our system of checks and balances on presidential power are not in his interest.  He will continue to marginalize those who oppose his efforts to concentrate power in his inner circle as long as leaders in both of our political parties permit him to do what he pleases.  It may be too late by the time it takes them to understand his game plan.

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