Monday, January 2, 2017

Paul Ryan's Unified Republican Government

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination by running against the Republican "establishment".  Now that the Republican Party controls each branch of government, what will the voters who elected Donald Trump get in return?  The answer is that they will get the establishment Republican agenda that was pushed by the Republican candidates that Donald Trump defeated in the primaries.  Paul Ryan has put the "unified" Republican plan in place and his discussions with Donald Trump have been primarily about developing the timeline for the unified plan.  They have the clarity that is absent from Trump's tweets and campaign speeches and the GOP will use a process that prevents Democrats from thwarting the implementation of the plan.  The major pieces of the plan are described in this article.  The Republican establishment has been enabled by Donald Trump's victory over the Republican establishment in the GOP primaries.  It is Republicanism on steroids.  Trump, of course, will put enough spin on the plan to convince his base that the plan is the result of his greatness.  He will keep his Twitter account active to make a plan for billionaires created by billionaires look like a plan that will benefit his base.

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