Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Donald Trump's Response To Mass Shooting In Texas Is Too Predictable

Its easy to predict how Donald Trump will respond to almost any question that he is asked.  The mass shooting in Texas provides a good example of his ignorance and his approach to almost every issue.  His political base believes that we would have fewer mass shootings if more of us were armed.  Is anyone surprised that Donald Trump fed them back their pet response to mass shootings?  Trump also put his ignorance on display by declaring that we have a new hero who used his gun to kill the murderer that he chased down.  He did the same thing after the Las Vegas mass murder.  In both cases the murderer took his own life.  There were no armed heroes in either case.  Trump understands his base very well.  That is the critical skill possessed by every effective demagogue.  However, it is a tragedy for our nation, and for many of our allies, that we have placed a demagogue in the White House. 

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