Thursday, November 9, 2017

US Commerce Secretary Is Only Worth $700 Million

Forbes magazine publishes a list of the 400 richest Americans each year.  Wilbur Ross, may have earned his position in Trump's cabinet because he has been listed as a billionaire.  Apparently, Ross has been padding his wealth for many years according to Forbes which has determined that he is not a billionaire.  Its understandable why Ross may have lied about his wealth because he manages money for other wealthy Americans.  Many wealthy Americans may believe that it makes sense to hire a billionaire to manage their wealth.  Forbes claims that Ross has lied about his assets for many years and it has removed him from its billionaire role call.  He is much like his boss who is on Forbes top 400 list.  Donald Trump is a billionaire but he has argued with Forbes about his position on its top 400 list.  He has consistently claimed that he is wealthier than Forbes has determined.  Perhaps The Donald can improve his position by capitalizing on his position in the White House.  Unlike most presidents, Trump and his family have been working hard to capitalize on his position in the White House.

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