Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Republicans Use Tax Bill To Effectively Repeal Obamacare

The Republican tax bill eliminates the mandate in Obamacare which requires all Americans to apply for health insurance with government subsidies who cannot afford the premium.  The CBO determined that eliminating the mandate would increase health insurance premiums because fewer healthy individuals would purchase insurance and the risk pool would increase the risk to insurers.  That would cause 13 million Americans to lose healthcare coverage because they could not afford the higher premiums.  The loss of healthcare insurance, subsidized by government, would save the government $338 billion over ten years.  The savings will be use to help pay for the tax cuts that go primarily to wealthy Americans.  The Republicans would rather eliminate the inheritance tax on estates over $11 million than provide health insurance for 13 million Americans.  To make matters worse, they continue to sell their tax plan as a way to make life better for the middle class.  They have no conscience.

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