Saturday, November 11, 2017

The New Face Of The Republican Party

This editorial describes sexual episodes by the Republican nominee for the US Senate which should disqualify him according to a small number of  Republican senators.  However, most of the article is about the reluctance of most Republican leaders to take that step.  They won't disqualify him unless the charges are proven to be true.  The implication is that a court of law must first determine that the charges made by numerous young woman are true.  The reluctance of Republican leaders is understandable.  Roy Moore's face appears on the header of the editorial.  His face represents the changes that are underway in Donald Trump's  GOP.  For most of my life the face of the GOP was that of successful businessmen and bankers.  Roy Moore represents the populist base of the GOP and the sections of our nation that form Trump's base.  They are committed to undermining the GOP "establishment" along with the influence of Washington on local affairs.  Donald Trump is more comfortable with successful businessmen, bankers and billionaires than he is with people like Roy Moore and his policies reflect their preferences.  However, he understands that he was elected by folks like Roy Moore.  The leaders of the GOP establishment realizes that it cannot remain in power without the folks who nominated Roy Moore and who probably elect him to the Senate.

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