Friday, November 17, 2017

Why Will The GOP Punish Most Of Our Citizens By Pushing Terrrible Policies?

The short answer to the question raised above is that Republicans propose bad policies because they believe that they can get away with it. However, they were unable to pass a healthcare bill, that most Americans did not like, only because a couple of Senators voted against the bill that required almost unanimous consent from Republican senators.  Now they hope to pass a terrible tax bill that most Americans don't like, or believe it to be unnecessary in a full employment economy.  Moreover, corporate profits and retained earnings are near an all time high.  Corporations don't need tax cuts to stimulate investment and create jobs.  Senator Lyndsey Graham provided the rationale for the Republican tax proposal which is designed to reward its wealthy donors.  He said that the financial contributions will stop if they don't pass the tax bill.  That reminds me of an email that I received from one of the members of a club to which I belong.  Most of the Republicans in the club were conflicted about voting for Donald Trump who they did not respect.  The rationale provided in the email was succinct and to the point.  Members should vote for Trump in order to get their taxes cut.  That was more important than any damage that Trump might do to our society and to our political system.  Apparently, that is what the Republican Party stands for today.  Cutting taxes for the wealthy, at the expense of public goods, is its dominant creed. 

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