Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rex Tillerson May Be Replaced As Secretary of State

Signals are coming from the White House that Trump plans to replace Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo who Trump had put in charge of the CIA. Tom Cotton, a senator from Arizona, is rumored as the replacement for Pompeo in the CIA.  Pompeo and Cotton have demonstrated loyalty to Trump that ha beens much stronger than that of Tillerson who mistakenly believed that he was in charge of the State Department.  There is only one boss in the Trump administration.  He runs the government much like he ran his businesses.  He had no board of directors or stockholders to appease.  Neither Congress or the judiciary can expect to limit Trump's ability to run the government as he ran his businesses.

Rex Tillerson spent 41 years at Exxon Mobile where he worked his way up to the CEO position.  His first impulse as our new Secretary of State was to do what many CEO's do after reaching that pinnacle. He decided to reorganize the department and reduce the headcount.  Apparently, he believed that increasing the efficiency of the organization was his top priority.  Trump could care less about efficiency.  He only cares about personal loyalty to his greatness.  Tillerson mistakenly believed that he was in charge and that it was OK to be critical of Trump.  Pompeo will not make that mistake.

Its sad to witness the humiliation of Tillerson by the master of humiliation.  He will return to private life with a big scar that will last forever.  On the other hand, he will not be missed by many State Department professionals.  They did not respond well to a rookie boss with no experience in government.  Pompeo may not be a better leader at State but he understands who is really the boss.  He will shape the department to serve the Donald.

Tom Cotton as the head of the CIA creates another problem.  The CIA is supposed to be an apolitical organization.  The appointment of a Republican senator, loyal to Trump, is out of character for the CIA.  He will be viewed suspiciously by career employees in the CIA.  

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