Friday, November 24, 2017

Why Paul Krugman Is Thankful But Worried About The Future

Paul Krugman was born during a period in which he was able to experience the promises of our democracy.  He probably would not have won a Noble Prize in economics if he were growing up in the America that developing today.  He lists the things that made it possible for him to live a good life and he describes the changes that are underway which will make it more difficult for others like him to have the same opportunities.  As you might imagine Trumpism is the enemy of middle class people like himself who has enjoyed the benefits of an open society that are being attacked by the Republican Party under Trump's leadership.  The majority of Republicans have come to believe that their culture and dominance is at risk because of intellectuals like Krugman and a  university system that promotes reason over blind faith and is supportive of an open society. The America that existing while Krugman was growing up is the enemy of the plutocracy that is working hard to destroy it through their sponsorship of willing Republican politicians and the private propaganda system that it has promoted.  Fox News, Breitbart News,  along with talk radio and the misuse of the social media, are their weapons of mass misinformation and the mass destruction of the social system that enabled Krugman to thrive.  We should keep his warnings in mind.  Social Democracy is the enemy of a rigid social economic hierarchy. The plutocracy is intent upon turning the clock back to earlier era in which the plutocracy had more control over our political and social system.  Communism used to be the enemy which they used to seek more power.  Since the demise of Communism, social democracy and liberalism is their new enemy.  Donald Trump told voters in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore because an accused pedophile was a better choice than a liberal democratic senator for Alabama.

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