Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trump Quickly Turns NYC Terrorist Attack Into A Political Weapon

The Donald took advantage of a terrorist attack in London to criticize the Prime Minister for not providing a more powerful police defense against terrorism.  If he were to follow the logic that he used to attack public officials in England for a terrorist attack he would have to blame himself for a terrorist attack which occurred under his watch.  Instead, The Donald did what he always does.  He used the NYC terrorist attack to falsely blame others for the attack.  He claims that if his tough vetting of immigrants had been in force the attack would not have happened.  This assumes that the terrorist was not radicalized while living in the US.  The Department of Homeland Security claims that many acts of terror are committed by homegrown radicals. 

Many acts of terrorism, like the recent shootings in Las Vegas, are committed by individuals who were born and raised in the US.  That was an act of terror that had nothing to do with foreign influence.  The administration did not blame blame weak law enforcement or easy access to weapons by a disturbed individuals for the Las Vegas shooting.  He took a different position on the NYC attack because he could use it for political purposes.  He is the only politician strong enough to protect Americans from hostile immigrants who are the only source of terror.

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