Tuesday, November 7, 2017

There Is A Simple Explanation For Mass Shootings And Deaths From Guns In US

President Trump, and many others, have explained mass shootings, and death from guns,  by blaming the mental health of the murderers or other social factors in the US.  There have been studies on this topic that contradict what our politicians and gun defenders claim.  The US has 4% of the worlds population but its citizens possess 42% of the worlds guns.  The correlation between gun possession in the US and the high incidence of mass shootings and gun related homicides provides the only explanation for this phenomenon.  The incidence of mental health problems in the US is not exceptional.  We look a lot like other nations in that respect.  The easy availability of guns in the US is the only factor that explains mass shootings and homicides by guns.  The probability of being robbed on the street in countries like England is equal to that of the US.  The only difference is that you are much more likely to be shot during a robbery in the US.  There are much fewer guns available to criminals in England. 

There have been mass shootings in other countries, such as Australia, but their response has been vry different.  They passed laws which designed to reduce access to guns by criminals.  That never happens in the US.  The gun lobby controls many of our politicians, and the public love affair with guns is much stronger in the US.  The citizens in other nations love to hunt with guns just as many of our citizens in the US.  The NRA and our politicians have successfully equated gun ownership with harmless hobbies such as hunting and target shooting.  They are not responsible for mass shootings and gun related homicides.  We make it too easy for dangerous people in the US to possess guns. 

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