Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Donald Trump Shows How to Use Every Opportunity To Glorify Himself

Our president shows how to use Twitter to sell himself.  He sent out tweets in which videos of him speaking about important events demonstrate his importance.  He took advantage of natural disasters in Texas and Florida to feature himself coming to their rescue.  He used his address at the UN to show himself as the change agent that will make the UN successful.  Moreover, the UN headquarters are lucky to be right across the street from Trump Tower.  He gave a speech honoring the anniversary of a military organization to feature himself of its leader.  If anyone is interested in his personality disorder (narcissism), Trump provides a classic example of the disorder for all of us to observe.  A lot of Americans know enough about the disorder to understand its dangers and they know that it cannot be reversed.  Unfortunately, we put one in the White House.  Narcissists are often successful.  It energizes them and their energy is attractive to many voters who feel left behind.  Usually, potential demagogues are exposed during political campaigns.  Trump was exposed, but mistakes that would have destroyed most political opportunists, were ignored by too many voters.

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