Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Conservative Coalition That Pushed Trump To Leave Paris Accord

Donald Trump campaigned against the Paris Accord and after being elected his intent is to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  A coalition of "free market activists" led by Myron Ebell who is the CEO of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wrote a letter to Trump which reminded him to keep his promise about leaving the Paris Accord.  Trump put Ebell in charge of the EPA transition team.  His first step in the plan to eliminate  the EPA was to make substantial cuts in the number of EPA professionals.  Trump placed the Attorney General from Oklahoma, who had sued the EPA numerous times, as the head of the EPA.  He has been carrying out the plan to weaken and eliminate the EPA since assuming his position.

This article describes the coalition of conservative "charities" that receive tax deductible  contributions from energy firms and wealthy individuals.  They promote themselves as educational organizations. It is a group of non-scientists that challenge the findings of the scientific community. They believe that government regulations are the enemy of the free market economy, and they believe that the threat of global warming provides governments with an excuse to regulate economic activity.  They also claim that government regulation of economic activity is responsible for slower economic growth rates and the loss of jobs.  Trump jumped on this bandwagon as part of his promise to stimulate the economy and promote job growth.  Trump, of course, has no interest in the science, or in the longer term consequences of his policies.  The speech that he gave when he announced our departure from the Paris Accord was simply a victory speech to his base which proves that he is winning the battle to drain the swamp. Myron Ebell was an invited guest in Rose Garden where Trump made his victory speech.

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