Friday, September 22, 2017

The Graham-Cassidy Bill Is Standard Republican Practice

The Republican senate may pass a healthcare bill that is based on deception and lies.  It is also extremely cruel to millions of Americans who will lose insurance coverage.  Paul Krugman does not mince any words in his critique of the bill.  He describes the deceptions and lies and he is not surprised that the Republican Party will try to pass the bill before the CBO finishes its analysis of the bill.  The president will sign the bill, if it passes, without even reading it.  It does not matter to him that the bill does something that he has publically opposed.  The bill allows insurance companies to reject applicants with pre-existing health conditions.  Trump will declare victory, and the Republicans running for election in 2018 can tell their base that they have repealed Obamacare. They will also ignore the warnings from healthcare providers and insurers about disrupting the largest industry in America. Winning elections, by any means, is their primary motivation.  They have been doing that for years and Trump is their enabler in the White House.  Few of the Republicans, who will vote for the bill, understand what is in the bill.  They have no interest in governing.  Its all about winning elections by dividing the country.  Our founding fathers knew that this could happen, and they took steps to prevent it from happening, but too many of our politicians place party over the national interest.  The Republican Party excels at that.

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