Sunday, September 24, 2017

LeBron James Tweets "U Bum" To Trump's Insult Of Stephen Curry

The Donald played the race card during one of his incoherent speeches in Alabama.  Ostensibly, he was there to support a candidate in the GOP primary, but he decided that Alabama was a great place to further divide the country.  Steve Curry declined an invitation to the White House extended the Golden State Warriors after they won the NBA championship.  The Donald decided to disinvite Curry to the White House even though he had snubbed The Donald's invitation.  He didn't stop with his attack on Curry.  He criticized NFL players who knelled during the playing of the national anthem at the start of football games.  He said that they should be fired.  He also scolded the NFL for reducing violence by penalizing players for hitting too hard.  The NFL responded to evidence that many of its players suffer from brain damage due to head injuries suffered during games by penalizing hits to the head.  The Donald said that football fans don't want a less violent game.  He claimed that NFL attendance is down because games are less violent.

The Donald's remarks serve his purpose well.  They will strengthen his hold on his white identity supporters as well as those who believe that violence plays an important part in their lives.  He also wrapped himself up the American flag with a false narrative.  America is a place that protects citizens who protest government policies they believe to be unfair.  The Donald played the patriotism card to discourage protests by black athletes primarily because of the way his base has responded to protests like "Black Lives Matter".  The Donald may, or not be, a racist.  He is without doubt a politician who has milked white identity sentiments to build his political base.  This did not fool LeBron James.  He understands racism when he sees it.  The Donald understands why he won Alabama with a larger margin than he did in any other state in the presidential election.

The Donald also has no claims on patriotism.  He insulted John McCain when it served his purpose by claiming that being shot down and serving as prisoner of war was an undeserved form of patriotism.  The Donald avoided military service by getting friendly medical doctors to proclaim that he was unfit for military service.  It had nothing to do with his "small hands";  his flat feet prevented him for serving in the military. Like many people, I have argued that The Donald is not presidential.  He has gone beyond that.  He is one of the most despicable example of human being that I have ever seen.

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