Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Young Voters Are The Democratic Base But They Are Not Democrats

Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic National Party wrote an interesting article on the Democratic Party.  They voted for Clinton in 2016 but it was largely an anti-Trump vote.  Trump represents ever thing that they hate.  The Republican Party may have lost a real opportunity with young voters by electing Trump.  They share most of the values of the Democratic Party but they do not regard themselves as members of the Democratic Party because they are also distrustful of our politics and our institutions.  The Democratic Party was shaped 40 years ago by people like Howard Dean. Young people are more economically liberal than Dean's party.  He argues that it needs to be reshaped to turn them into members of the Democratic Party.

It will not be easy attract to young people into a political party, but there is little chance that they will become Republicans.  They can't figure out how to succeed with him, and they worry about how to proceed without the support of his base.  Trump feels free to humiliate the party leadership in Congress by threatening a rebellion by his base in the coming elections. 

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