Friday, September 1, 2017

Getting Ready For Cyberwar In Coming Elections

This article describes some of the methods that were used on the social media to influence the presidential election.  Russian hackers successfully employed bots on Twitter and elsewhere in an effort to influence the presidential election.  They are not going away.  Their primary goal is to disrupt the operation of the US government domestically and globally.  They helped Donald Trump's campaign and Trump has given them more than they could have expected.  He has been a wrecking ball that has badly damaged our system of governance and our relationships with international allies. The are clicking their heels in Russia and Ukraine while they explore new ways to use the social media.  This article describes some of the programs underway to limit the effectiveness of the bot attacks but they will find new ways to respond to our defense system.  The social media will remain vulnerable to cyberwarfare in their current form.  The bots are still at work and they will be out in force in 2018.  They have demonstrated their effectiveness and that will get them as much support as they need to develop their capability.

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