Friday, September 1, 2017

The Arizona Senate Primary Will Determine The Soul Of The GOP

Some people believe that Trump is a singularity who will disappear while the Republican Party returns to its ideological orthodoxies.  The looming Republican primary that Senator Jeff Flake will face next year may provide the answer.  Jeff Flake is a Bary Goldwater type conservative who wrote a book which argues for a return to Goldwater's ideological roots.  That would usually be a winning strategy in Arizona.  However, the book was critical of Donald Trump and Flake has not been supportive of Trump's policies or his behavior in office.  Predictably, Trump has not been happy with a Republican senator who does not genuflect to his majesty.  Trump has publically criticized Flake and one of his billionaire friends has given $300,000 to a potential opponent's campaign.  November is a long way off and lots of things can happen during that time.  However, if a Bary Goldwater type conservative cannot win a primary in Arizona, while facing criticism from Trump, it may single the end of GOP orthodoxy.  The Republican Party will have been transformed to the Trump Party.

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