Monday, September 11, 2017

Let Them Eat Social Culture Is Part Of Trump's Cling To Power

During the French Revolution citizens were begging for bread.  The queen responded to their pleas by saying "let them eat cake".  This article describes the many changes in the Trump administration that offers social culture changes in lieu of real economic change that Trump promised during his campaign.  Trump promised economic growth and high paying jobs during his campaign.  His economic policies are not designed to deliver on his promises.  They are pretty standard elite Republican policies.  That is, cut taxes for the rich and cut spending on social welfare programs like healthcare.  Trump called the GOP healthcare bill "mean" but he intended to sign it anyway.  It was more important to him to get a victory than the generous healthcare program that he promised his supporters.  He was not even able to give them a Pyrrhic victory by repealing Obamacare.

The Republican Party has typically offered social culture to its base in return for economic policies that favor the super rich.  The Trump administration is doing a much job of staffing up to deliver a much more conservative social culture to the GOP base.  That may compensate for his failure to deliver the economic benefits that he promised.  The GOP base seems satisfied with a strong diet of social culture.  The French monarchy was not as lucky as Trump has been with his "revolutionaries". 

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