Saturday, September 16, 2017

Some Reasons To Enjoy Our Fearless Leader "The Donald"

Bret Stephens has enjoyed watching conservatives in Trump's applause factory respond to the deals that he made with the enemy party.  He is a brilliant writer and he has captured the moment well.  Conservatives may actually have believed the promises that he made to screw people who don't read their books or listen to their nonsense when they are provided with a platform. Stephens is enjoying their pain.  He has helped me to enjoy it as well because he understands the moment and he puts it into words that we can relish.

In addition to the picture that he provides of their squirming,  Stephens understands Trump well and he has described his personality to a tee.  They are dealing with a politician who does not share their ideals.  He has no ideals of his own.  He lives by the moment, and he reacts to each moment to squeeze some kind of advantage that he perceives at that time.  That is how he deals with his neurosis.  He has doing that most of his life and it has worked for him much of the time.  After all we elected a neurotic to the presidency.  Perhaps that's the best thing that we can do while he self destructs.  We can enjoy the pain and confusion that he has inflicted on conservatives who were stupid enough to trust him, or who believed that he would repent and rejoin them in the next moment.  They made a deal with a neurotic and they deserve to suffer from it.

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