Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Discussion About Climate Change And How To Deal With Roadblocks To Solutions

This link is to a video of Bill Moyer and Naomi Klein on climate change.  Klein argues that there is a lot of resistance to climate change because the response requires communities and governments to intervene in the market.  This threatens the ideology of free markets which holds, among other things, that government is the problem and not the solution to our problems.  She uses examples from Germany and Denmark to show that community actions are superior to highly centralized approaches to developing extensive wind farms. 

The fossil fuel industry has a vested interest in denying climate change and it has been successful in changing public opinion.  In 2007 around 71% of the public believed that climate change is real and that it is due to human consumption.  Today that number has been reduced to 44%. Klein describes plans to get university endowments to disinvest in oil company stocks.  This is modeled after the successful plan against apartheid in South Africa which took a similar approach.

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