Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Atypical European View On The US Election

This reporter correctly states that most German's view this election as a battle between good and evil.  They still believe that Obama represents the good that remains in America.  He does not agree with that view.  He argues that America has lost its soul.  The GOP depends a large group of voters who he characterizes as the Western Taliban.  They have little interest in science or logic which have been the hallmarks of western civilization; they are engaged in religious warfare.  Many believe that Obama has the right motives, but that his party has lots of representatives from conservative states. They are also aware of the obstructionism that came from his political opponents who place party interests over those of the country.  He gives several reasons for believing that both Obama and Romney work within a system that has been corrupted.  He argues that progressive leadership is not possible within that system. 

He makes several good observations about what is wrong with America and concludes that its decline is inevitable.  I am more of an idealist.  The system is about us.  We have the power to change the system and we will not get put in prison for doing so.  Despair is not the solution to our problems.

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