Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The GOP's Star Of The Future Sounds Just Like Romney and The Rest

Marco Rubio has been identified as one the bright young leaders who will lead the GOP out of the wilderness.  Anyone who reads his response to a question about the age of the earth should give up the idea that Rubio is any different from the rest of the pack.  Rubio understands what 30% of the GOP wants to believe.  If he had been in the GOP primary race along with Romney and the dregs, he would have sounded just like the rest.  The GOP is totally dependent upon getting 100% of the votes from folks who don't want to leave the wilderness.  That makes it difficult for them to lead a country that is dependent upon the contributions of people who don't expect to find the answer to scientific questions in the Bible.  Leadership in the GOP is equivalent to taking us backwards in time.  It is a time when the Sun revolved around the earth and in which the earth was the center of the universe.  Their economics is also stuck in the 18th century.

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