Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Its 2008 All Over Again In Washington

This editorial sums up the election pretty well.  The US is pretty much divided North and South on most issues but the GOP's flirtation with the Tea Party has hurt them badly.  Romney had to twist himself into knots in order to win the GOP primary.  He then had to untwist himself into an electable Romney for the general election.  It did not work.  The Tea Party also cost the GOP some seats in the Senate.  The nominated unelectable candidates in the primaries and they got crushed.  Democratic candidates in states with electable opponents tied them to the Tea Party during their campaigns and that worked too.  The GOP will have to transform itself if it wants to remain a contender in the future.  Their social policies and their economic policies are out of step with the majority of the country.  The public was not fooled by the billions that they spent broadcasting lies either.  They risk becoming the party of the cognitively challenged, and the rich who do not want to pay their fair share of taxes.

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