Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney Contradicts Himself Again

Last month the BLS released a report that showed a decline in the unemployment rate.  Romney and his allies quickly responded by by suggesting the BLS data were fudged in order to make Obama's policies look better.  This month the BLS reported a slight increase in the unemployment rate and Romney used the data to argue that the economy was getting worse under Obama.  For Romney and his allies, the numbers are only real when they confirm his campaign slogans

The job growth last month was also pretty good, and job growth for the previous two months was revised upwards.  That is a good sign the economy is recovering.  Unfortunately, the Romney campaign has benefited from its campaign lies.  The majority of the public believes that Romney would be better for the economy.  Somehow the believe that returning to the Bush policies of cutting taxes and deregulating the economy would solve our economic problems.

On a more positive note.  The press is coming down hard on Romney's lies about Jeep production going to China because of Obama's bailout.  That is pretty easy to do when the CEO's of Chrysler and GM have willing to call Romney's claims what they are.  Damn lies.

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