Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Blame Game Underway In GOP

Ronald Reagan won an election in landslide when he asked the American people whether they were better off today, after suffering through a recession while a Democrat was in office.  The Romney campaign adopted the same strategy.  They framed the election as a referendum about Obama's handling of the economy.  The Romney campaign is now being blamed for choosing that strategy.

Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor is also being blamed.  His state was hit hard by Sandy and he appreciated the efforts of the federal government to help the state in a time of need.  He was criticized for publicly appreciating the president's efforts to help him respond to a national disaster.  Apparently, they would have preferred him to be critical of government interference or incompetence.

The blame game will going on for a long time.  The GOP would be better off it took a harder look at the product that they are trying to sell.  The market has changed, and they have the wrong product for this market.  Moreover, the public wants both parties to put the national interest ahead of party interests.  Chris Christie will come out ahead for working with FEMA to address the problems created by Sandy.  I also believe that it was not a good idea to have one of Romney's big campaign contributors at this meeting.  That sends a signal to the public that money buys access to our political leaders. 

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