Saturday, November 24, 2012

White House Required To Respond To Secession Petitions

One way to respond to a lost elections is to leave the union.  Texas has sent a petition to secede to the White House with enough signatures to require a response from the administration.  The petition suggests that the cultural differences between Texas and the blue states is so severe that it does not make sense for Texas to be in the same union with them.  Other red states have been circulating similar petitions.  Its not clear how this process would work, and its not obvious that statewide referenda would receive enough popular support in any of the states.

Frankly, I have often thought that government would function a lot better without the cultural and political divide that separates many of red states from the rest of the country.  Several of them are more like third world countries in many respects.  It would certainly be a death knoll for the modern Republican party.  It might be a good thing to restore the old Republican party in the blue states.

It is highly unlikely that the secession effort will succeed.  I don't even believe that it would be supported by a majority in Texas.  It does, however, accentuate the cultural gap that has been growing between different regions of the country.

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