Monday, November 26, 2012

Pravda's View Of Obama's Reelection

We have a lot to learn about Putin's Russia, and they have a lot to learn about US politics.  This article in Pravda conveys a false view of the problems in US politics, and it says a lot about the new Russia under Putin.  Fox News could not have done a better job in its criticism of Obama.  They call him a socialist.  Pravda calls him a communist.  They also accuse him of being against religion.  Apparently, Putin is pushing a religious revival, and he has become an advocate of free market capitalism.  Obama is accused of making the mistakes that the communists made, and Putin is working hard to correct those mistakes.

There is no mention of Romney, or the GOP in this article.  Its not clear whether Pravda views the GOP as the true representative of capitalism in America or not.  They blame Obama for the bank bailout, and for spending too much on the military.  They ignore the fact that the GOP initiated the bank bailout, and that Romney proposed a bigger military budget than Obama.  They also imply that Obama won the election because of voter fraud, and because the American electorate is ignorant.  Pravda argues that they have been mesmerized by Obama's charisma.

I had no idea how bad things were in the Russian press. Pravda still reflects the official voice of the political elite. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I was also unaware of how Putin is positioning himself as a free market capitalist and as a defender of religion.  I'm sure that most Americans would also be surprised.  There is very little believable coverage of Russia, or Putin, in the American media.  Romney appealed to the old view that American's have about Russia.  He stated that Russia was the biggest threat to American interests.  Putin's support for free market capitalism and religion would be very popular in the red states that voted for Romney.

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