Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Big Money Contributors To Romney Leave Boston A Bit Humbled article describes the scene in Boston's Logan Airport as the big spenders left the Romney campaign headquarters after losing the election.  Karl Rove, who managed two of the large PAC's that spent millions of their money on ads, that failed to secure a victory, told them that the ads made the race closer.  I don't think that made them feel any better.  They are the kind of people who expect to get what they want with their money.  On the other hand, Karl Rove made out pretty well.  He collected fees on all of the ads that he placed.  In effect, he ran an advertising agency that does well no matter whether the product sells well or not.  He just happened to selling an Edsel.  Someday, however, Rove's donors may get what they want.  We should take the necessary steps to reform the electoral process.

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