Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is Family Life Easier In France Or America?

This article was written by an American woman living in France.  She and her husband earn $85,000 per year and she does not believe that she could live as well in America as she does in France on that income.  She pays higher taxes in France but the state provides benefits that more than make up for the higher taxes.  Nursery school is free and so is day care for working mothers. In America she might be forced to live near her parents to get help with day care which is expensive.  Healthcare is mostly paid for by the state, and it is not necessary to save money in order to provide access to higher education for her child.  She is hooked on France.

This article makes a point about taxes.  Europeans pay higher taxes than Americans, but they value what they receive in return.  For most families the security provided by the state provides a good return on their tax contribution to the state.  The American concept of individualism leads politicians like Mitt Romney to call those who require support from the taxpayers "moochers". 

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