Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Who's Who Of The Radical Right Wing That Has Shut Down The Government

This article describes many of the organizations, and their leaders who planned the defunding campaign against the Affordable Care Act.  Many of these organizations are supposed to be non-partisan educational institutions.  Their wealthy contributors are allowed to deduct their "charitable" donations on their income tax returns.  Some have a long history of supporting a radical right wing agenda.  For example, Ed Meese was Ronald Reagan's Attorney General who defended him during the Iran-Contra scandal in which funds from the friendly government in Iran were used to support a para military organization in South America that was acting on behalf of the Reagan Administration.  Congress had passed a law which forbade the US government from such operations but it was ignored by the top law enforcement officer in the US.  Meese is on the payroll of the Hoover Institute and the Heritage Foundation which are two of the most prominent tax supported conservative foundations in America.

While the defunding of ACA is on the top of their current agenda, these groups have effectively transformed the Republican Party.  It is very risky to be a moderate Republican under the watchful eyes of these organizations. 

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