Thursday, October 24, 2013

Your Grandfather's Republican Party Speaks Up

The Taft family was once regarded as the pillar of Republicanism.  One of its members was called "Mr. Republican".  This article was written by member of the Taft family who is proud of his genetic heritage of Republicanism.  He is very critical of the behavior of his party in recent years.  He would like the party to return to the philosophy that had guided it over most of its history. It was and should be the party of fiscal responsibility.  It has ceded that distinction to the Democratic Party.  Ironically, many members of the GOP would argue that establishment Republicans like Taft are Republicans in name only.  They believe that the populist philosophy espoused by its fringe members in the Tea Party is the true philosophy of the party.  It is a philosophy that places the interests of its politicians, and those who fund its political campaigns, above the interests of the nation it is supposed to serve.

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