Sunday, October 20, 2013

How Washington's Fiasco Looks To The Rest Of The World

After the loss of the 2012 presidential election the Republican Governor of Louisiana complained that his party was earning a reputation as "the party of the stupid".  World reaction to the ability of the the stupid minority in the GOP to shut down the government it was sworn to serve moved from smugness to worry about the damage that might be done to the global economy by the party of the stupid.  They should be worried.  A stupid minority that has the power to keep the government from attending to its real problems is a concern to a world that has looked to America for leadership in the past.  The Republican Party has built a Frankenstein Monster that may destroy the party and America along with it.  A great political party cannot depend upon the ignorance of its voters for electoral success, and a nation cannot be led by its least informed citizens.

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