Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet The Young Radical Who Heads The Heritage Action Organization

Shortly after the Supreme Court made it possible for unlimited donations to political groups that do not have to identify the contributors, the conservative Heritage Foundation created Heritage Action to support conservative political objectives.  It named a 28 year old ideologue who graduated from Williams College and Stanford Business School to head up the organization.  Three years later he is dictating policy for conservative members of the House.  He insists that defunding Obamacare should be the primary objective of House conservatives.  Heritage Action and similar groups like The Club For Growth share his perspective.  They have the funds to back Tea Party challengers to GOP incumbents in primary campaigns, and several long term conservative incumbents have lost primaries to Tea Party candidates.

This article provides more background on the young firebrand who heads up Heritage Action and it describes some of the tensions between conservative action groups who believe that defunding Obamacare is a losing strategy. 

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