Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Its Important For Republicans To Shut Down The Government

Forbes Magazine provides a platform for one of its writers to justify the GOP shutdown of the government.  The case could not have been made any stronger.  The shutdown of the government is the ultimate purpose of the GOP.  It exists to fight against the encroachment of the federal government into our lives.  He paints a picture of the federal government as a leviathan that disrupts the operation of our market system which would make everyone better off it were left to operate without government intervention.  In his view, the market economy should become a market society.  There is no role for the government to provide public goods in a market society.  Obamacare is an abomination because it encroaches on the ability of market forces to more efficiently provide healthcare services.

Most of us associate the idea the idea of shutting down the operation of the government as a violation of a democratic norm that has served us well in the past.  Republicans and Democrats have differing ideas about how to best serve our country but we expect them to put the national interest ahead of their political interests.  Forbes Magazine, however, has provided a platform for one of its employees to make a case for a one party system that vigorously defends the idea of a market society consistent with the philosophy of market liberalism.  Apparently, we should no longer regard political dysfunction as a governance problem that we should worry about.  Forbes Magazine has elevated the secession of the GOP from our system of multiparty governance as a noble step in the right direction. The Democratic Party is an obstacle in the establishment of the market society.

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