Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Did The Tea Party Learn From Its Effort To Defund Obamacare?

One definition of a fanatic is that a fanatic does not learn from mistakes.  When they fail at something they keep repeating the same thing.  After Obama won the 2012 election against Romney they complained that Romney was not conservative enough.  If he had been more conservative, and tougher against Obama, he would have won the election.  Their response to the surrender to the GOP surrender in Washington yesterday sounds very familiar.  Tea Party supporters argue that the GOP was too weak in their battle with Obama.  They argue that most of the country was behind them and that they would have won if they had been tougher. They intend to place Tea Party candidates against Republican's who voted for the surrender in the 2014 GOP primaries.  They also make a claim that is similar to that made by Southern states that seceded from the Union prior to Civil War.  Supporters of secession, and present day Tea Partiers,  claim that they are defenders of the US Constitution. Supporters of secession  believed that the Constitution guaranteed the freedom of sovereign states to operate without undue interference from Washington.  Tea Partiers are convinced that the Affordable Care Act violates the Constitution and that the federal government interferes too much with the functions of sovereign states.  They are supported in their beliefs by a communications echo chamber that confirms their biases.

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