Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journalism In The US And The Government Shutdown

This article, in one of America's most prominent newspapers, is an example of whats wrong with the media in this country.  John McCain, who was the republican candidate for the presidency in 2008, described the tactics of his republican colleague in the Senate quite plainly and accurately.  He complained that Ted Cruz's efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act was a violation of democracy.  The president was elected on a platform which included support for a healthcare reform bill that was passed by both houses of Congress.  The headline in the this article suggests a completely different perspective.  It suggest that both parties are to blame for not reaching a compromise.  It will be up to the public to determine which party is to blame for the shutdown of the government.  The reporter tries hard to divide the blame between the two parties even though it would appear that the public is more likely to blame the republicans.  It is not possible for journalists to be as plain as John McCain was in describing the behavior of his fellow republican.  They must pretend that those who believe that the earth is flat are treated as fairly as those who believe otherwise.  After all, their readership includes those who believe in both descriptions of the earth.

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